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Checkered Aluminum Ceiling Plate

The checkered metal sheets (aluminum alloy and stainless steel 302, 306 etc.) have uniform chequers on the surface, hence bring decorative effect the architectural designs. At the same time, the checker plate is a raised part of the metal panel itself, but not opening holes through the metal sheet, hence it is water proof and suitable to be used as ceiling panels.

Aluminum checkered plate has light-weight, free maintenance and non-rusting property. It is the ideal metal material for ceiling and wall panels of outdoor and indoor decorations.

Aluminum Checker Plate Ceiling Panels Technical Information:
Standard size: 600*600mm / 600*1200mm
Maximum panel width: 2000mm                                                                      
Maximum panel length: 8000mm
Checkered Aluminum Ceiling Plate Thickness: 2mm  3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm
Surface treatment: Polished, coated to colors.

Feature and Usage of Aluminum Checker Ceiling Plate:
1,Super resistance of  weather, corrosion, pollution, colorful
2,Strong,durable and last long time.

Commonly 3003 Series Aluminum Alloy and 6063series Aluminum

Aluminum Checker Plate Design Pattern Photos for Building Ceilings

Aluminum Checkered Decorative Plate
Chequer Style No.1

Checkered Plate Used as Ceilings and Wall Panels
Chequer Style No. 2

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