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Embossed METAL Plate

Embossed Stainless Steel Plates and Other Embossed Metals

Embossing is a process where a die is pressed into the back of a nameplate to raise the letters or other design elements to add depth, class and eloquence to an otherwise ordinary design, it can be done on stainless steel plate and a variety of materials.

Stainless steel embossed plates are one of the high grade ones and its finished products are mainly metal tread plates of various sizes.

Our embossed tread plates have reduced cost and ease of application.
Stainless Steel Plate Thickness:2-20mm

Sheet length: 6000mm-8000mm or according to customer's request
Material:  hot rolled 
Application: Embossed plates are chiefly used for home appliances, industrial flooring, construction, machineries producing, roof structure, keel, clapboard, ceilings, fire shutter doors, etc.

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