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Durbar Checkered Floor Plate

Durbar plate is a term popularly used in the United Kingdom for referring to the chequered plate metals. It is called “ durbar” because the metal plates are often chequered into the pattern with double bar styles or multi bar styles. The durbar patterns give a slightly raised surface allowing walking through yet not causing slippery, making it an ideal flooring shank.

Durbar plate also known as checkered plate is a type of lightweight stainless steel or aluminium sheet with a regular pattern of raised checkers or lines on one side, with the reverse side being flat panels.

Karola is an expert Chinese supplier of chequer plate protection panels for cars and the tread plate for various uses. We have a vast range of chequer plate available in 2 or 3mm thickness. We pay as much attention to detail to our 2mm as we do with our 3mm range. Our laser Cut within 0.3mm to ensure accuracy.

Chequer (durbar ) plate finishes: natural silver, anodised, or black

Materials: Aluminum, galvanized bright, hot dipped, black steel.

Chequered Patterns: Single bar, double bar or multi-bars.

Uses: Durbar checkered plate is mostly used as tread plate or metal floor plate of automobile, airplane, light rail, etc.

Features: Durbar plates have excellent resistance of corrosion.

Standard sizes:
Standard width for durbar floor plate: 1.25m
Standard followed: Chinese standard: GB/T3618-89
Specification: 1.0-5.0X1000-2400X1000-10000
Temper: H14, H24, H18, M

Plate Sheet Specification:
Thickness: 0.15mm--12mm
Width: 600mm--2000mm
Strip Specification:
Thickness: 0.1mm--3.0mm
Width: 10mm--1800mm
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