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Checkered Plate Embossing Machine

Chequer (also written as Checkered) plate embossing machine is mainly for producing anti-skidding checkered steel and aluminum plates. The chequered pattern can be custom designed. The metal plate thickness varies according to application.

Machine Roller specifications: DIA450~500mm, Checkered Plate Width:1000~1800mm.
Pattern checkered by laser engraving.
Pressure mode: hydraulic 50~100T.
Working speed:1~20m/min, speed changed by frequency converter.

The chequered plate embossing machine can be also used for leather embossing and other uses.

Main technical data for chequer plate embossing machine:

Suitable plate 0.2-0.5*1250mm
Production speed 0-25m/min
Pressure adjusting By guiding screw
Pattern form Double-layer
Motor power 11KW
Power supply 380V, 3Phase, 50Hz or as required
Roller size D400*L1400mm
Machine dimension 3300*1200*1500mm

Embossing Equipment for Checkered Steel and Aluminum
Chequered Plate Machine

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